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Tagi: austiņu augstākā, elsa kulons dāvanu, viegli gibbson roll, kā crimson akali, hawkmoh tauriņš, huwawi maršrutētāju kaķis, gadījumos, samsung m51, elsa tālruņa x lieta, auduma metru padarīt.

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Adrianpetalbert8 2020-11-10

I ordered three wigs. The seller sent two correct and one is not what I ordered. I contacted the seller. He offered me to pay 0,01 euros and he would then be able to make a new order for this small amount with that wig, which he didn't send. The seller did not require to return to him the wig that sent by mistake, probably the postage wouldn't be worth it... We did as the seller suggested. I paid 0,01 euros and he immediately sent me a wig. It came quite quickly, I can not say for how much, maybe in 2 weeks. Wig good and the ones sent first time also good, only can u single, with short hair is not very neat in one place of the cod sewn and the hair is dark, and the cap is light, so the cap can be slightly visible, but if you put your hair in a certain way, you can't see that. Thank you very much to the seller for the feedback and help! And for leaving me a wig, which I did not order, it's useful in the farm. I wish prosperity and health!

Kurbatov Dimka 2021-01-11

Excellent seller, wonderful products. Solve any problems or doubts. I totally recommend it. The wig came fast, it's just like in the picture and very soft.

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